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Need Help for Roulette Casino strategy
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Need Help for Roulette Casino strategy

Anybody Share the roulette strategy with me...........................

(11-01-2016, 07:48 AM)mrdotcom Wrote: Anybody Share the roulette strategy with me...........................
Here we go, Mr. Dot:

Roulette is like our life.
If you simplfy it, you will be rewarded.

Don´t bet on numbers.
Don´t bet on any of number combinations.

Think ouside the box, so bet and combine Roulette
options the same way as you do almost anything in life.
There is no guarantee, there is no life without small risk.
But there is a statistics, there is something coming and going,
a loop, it repeats, so it is measureable in some way.

Don´t play with money you get from the bookies
as a welcome bonus on the internet.
Play European Roulette and it is not recommended to play it online.
Better play it in some live Casino if you can - but only once a week.
Straight to my strategy:

Follow the numbers but play on Low, Middle and High;
and Red and Black colors.

Remember! Always, always start with betting when you see
that some numbers  didn´t came out at least 6 times - after 6 spins.
( Wait or bet on both colors - red and black )

For instance:  

1.  6 spins - NO bets - just follow the number sequence
2.  After 6 spins, check only two possibilities ( the third is number zero ):

There were no low numbers ( 1-12 ) after 6 spins,
No middle numbers (13-24 ) after 6 spins or
No high numbers ( 25-36 ) after 6 spins

3.  Start with betting  on section which didn´t came out after 6 spins
        Low        Middle           High
     First 12, Second 12 or Third 12 field.

Double the bet every time untill you win in one of the next few spins.

Play with 500 dollars, start betting with 5 dollars  - all first spins
and don´t be too greedy. Greed can cost you more than anything.

There is no luck on Roulette, just discipline.
The discipline called - How much you can control your own feelings.

It is the same with any kind of success in our lives!



My English is not so brilliant as my Roulette system
but I believe you will understand it good enough.


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