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I Recommend Click Magick for tracking keywords
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I had a great experience with my tracking service provider and I thought I should share with you guys. I am using Click Magick as my tracker and I must commend them for the fantastic support and job they are doing. 2 weeks ago I was clueless about setting up a tracking link in Bing when they introduced their upgraded urls. Every time I would set up my tracking template Bing would give me an error requiring me to put in a url parameter (either lpurl/unescapelpurl) and my keywords were not showing when someone would click on my ads. I did not know what the hell was going on, it was such an easy problem to get around but when you are clueless even easy looks hard. Anyway long story short, I put in a ticket with the Click Magick support and they also did not know. I expected them to give up on me just like the Bing support did but Steve the OWNER of Click Magick personally took my problem into his hands. After 3 days he resolved my issue and to my surprise went and made a video tutorial about it in case others get stuck. The Solution was simple. If you set up a tracking template at campaign level Bing requires you to include the {lpurl} tracking parameter at the end of your tracking link, however at ad level you can simply enter your tracking link as is into the template. I'm so impressed by the dedication the team at click magick took to resolve my problem clients and I thought I should give back to them by recommending their services. I highly recommend them especially if you are starting out with tracking. They are the underdogs of affiliate click/conversion tracking. You can checkout their guide here http://clickmagick.com/go/Jeannuke/guide. Please note this is an affiliate link and I earn commission if you sign up through this link. feel free to ask me any question regarding the above issue as I now understand how it all works. Happy marketing SmileSmile



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