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[Black Hat Method] Make Money On Facebook $20/day Guide :
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Note : If you don't like black hat method to make money than don't read below .

Serious to making money just carry on...

1.Create a fake girls id and fill all the details .
2. Join big Facebook group  related to dating , friendship ,love ,girls, youngster ,relationship , actors’ fan club etc .
3. Share some sexy/hot images in all fb groups. [Don't share nude pics else Mark can block ur id ] saying that " Hi,I am new add me."
4.You will get many request within hours .Just accept all . [You will make 5000 Friends less than 7 days ] .
5. Join fiverr/seoclerks and any free lancer service .
6. join one or two cpa network or affiliate network.
7. Share your cpa/affiliate link in your profile and groups .
8. Because you have 5000 friends and many followers you will defenetly get some sells by affiliate network.
9. Also share your cpa offers you will get commission on per  lead/install
10.Post gigs on fiverr saying " I will post your link/product /amazon books to my 5000 friends " .
11. You will defentely get some orders from fiverr ,sales from affiliate network and commission from cpa offers .

Tips to maximize earnings : 
1. Make this cycle for best outcome : 4 girls photo at each 2 hours interval in a day  , 2 cpa offers and 1 affiliate produces
2. At each photo , quote like this " Check my more photo at ....[your link].
3. Always share short link .
4. If possible try to reply comments .
5.Never and ever copy other photo else your id may be blocked.
6. use tools like buffer etc for scheduling.

Thats all .Rinse and repeat . You will easily make $20 each day. I have tried this method in last may and june and july [I don't try fivver ] and made $90 and $230 in those month. 

Suggested Tutorial :  How To Make Money On Facebook : Full Guide 2017 

If you need any guide line inbox me  else just comments . 

Remember to share your idea on making money .

good tricks

Glad you like it

Good advice, I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing


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