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Making money with Twitter $100/mo guide
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This is one of the method I am using from last 6 month to grow a side business.I have made $575 in this half year . But before going in details I would like to remind 3 things :

First I want to tell this method will not make you super rich . Second you need to keep patience . Third there is a strong possibility  that you know about this method so in this case don't scold just add value .

So here is all steps :

1. Finding some  affiliate products at cb  or amazon or any other networks which has high conversation rate .
2. Making a phone verified twitter account . 
3. In username add your affiliate products related keywords like bodybuilder, beutiqueen , bettingtiger etc .
4.In  bio make sure to add keywords with hashtag.
5.Follow peoples in your niche upto 500 a day .In return half will follow you back.
6. You will able to add 2000 followers in a week by this method .
7.AT first 7 day just add value and solve your followers problems in your niche , And show them that you are expert in that field .
8. Start promoting your affiliate products . But keep balance at this point also .
9. Tweet only 5 tweets a day  .first a inspiration pictures/video or gif , than  affiliate link ,again a funny pics/gifs then affiliate link and last a stats/data driven/question asking pics/infographics . 
10 .This will make your followers happy and they will ready to click/buy products form link.Plus your followers will also grow naturally .
11. Rinse and repeat .

Notes : 
1.In your profile add pics related to your niche .For example if your niche is beauti and you are girl than pic a beautiful girls photo .
2. Use buffer ,mp or any other software to automate all process.
3. Always use hashtag .
4. Always reply if someone mentioned you . 

My story  : I have tried this and also trying now in gambling niche .Gambling is legal in U.K and my most followers are from U.K I mainly promote bookmakers offer .For me I did make only $15 in first month and last month [august] I have made $225 . So it will take time . I sometime also tweet some inspiration quotes like " To win in betting ,follow 2 rules 1. Always win 2. Don't forget rule no1 . "
Thats all .Add value and make money .

no one intrested ?

ok. I will try this method.
Main focus is use of keyword/s in username(url) and
hastags in bio?


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