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ByOffers.com – monetize EDU traffic into BIG money!
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Turn Dating, Insurance, Health, Loans traffic into REVENUE | ByOffers.com

Grab your $1000 in academic writing niche!

Academic writing services are in high demand among students in English-speaking countries, that opens up a new verified source of income for webmasters. With us you get paid either fixed $25 CPA commission or 55% Rev.Share from first orders made by customers you bring to essay writing websites. Average order sale is $130, which means you can earn at least $715 from referring only 10 customers.

How to earn in this niche?
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1. Use SEO techniques. We provide a detailed review of academic writing niche, extended list of top keywords, and tips how to catch customers with your SEO skills.

2. Promote academic writing services through Social Media - it's always a good idea!

3. Use PPC and Display ads. You will be given a neatly selected list of keywords, website templates, and highly convertible banners.

4. Monetize your Blogging skills. Leave comments or write reviews about our essay writing services on students' blogs and forums.

Sign Up with ByOffers affiliate program and prepare your wallet for an unstoppable money flow! For all questions contact us via partners@byoffers.com 

Turn Dating, Insurance, Health, Loans traffic into REVENUE | ByOffers.com

Still monetizing your traffic on dating or goods offers? Looking for a new niche where you could easily get maximum profit with low costs? Read this post attentively! Here I will show how you can earn $1000 with Adwords traffic in the niche of academic writing. 

[Image: oXdSIJs.png]

Each month essay niche brings thousands of dollars to webmasters. Even though Adwords considers custom writing services as a grey niche, webmasters find methods to earn $1000 per week promoting essay offers with contextual advertising.

A good news is that there are not many webmasters who promote essay offers in Adwords, as most of them are driving traffic through doorway pages, or from social media. So you have a great chance to come into money very fast. What you should care about while working with Adwords is proper targeting and correct campaign settings. Proper targeting helped us recently to convert 5023 Adwords impressions into $1580 minus $550 as ads costs (301 clicks).

Interested in this method? Contact our support team for details and special secrets how to earn $1000 per week in essay niche with Adwords traffic  Smile

Turn Dating, Insurance, Health, Loans traffic into REVENUE | ByOffers.com


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