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Black Hat CPA offer
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Ok guys this is a complete tutorial on how to make some easy $$$ with adult CPA,the method is very simple and does not require any investment!
First of all you will need some adult cpa network's, i recommend only 2 for this method(this networks are also perfect if you have an adult tube):

Network 1- Click here (ref link-thanks and i will tell you the sites i uploud my videos, just pm my and have my full support on this)
click here-non ref
They will ask you if you own an adult tube,if you dont have one use google and find one it doesen't have to by yours!!!

Network 2- click here ref link
click here-non ref

Ok so know you have 2 cpa adult accounts you can find offers there that pay up to 120$(pps)!

Another thing you will need is a program that will help you download and watermark the videos you download EX: videotoolbox ,there are many free programs out there that can help you with that just use the one you like!

Ok so the method is this one you download adult movies and you watermark them with your own domain that will redirect to your cpa offer,so you will get free traffic!

There are 3 ideas about this method!
The first one is to download cam movies from xhamster you watermark them(with your domain) and you uploud them to xvideos and you send the traffic to your cam domain Ex: milfcams666.net and redirect your domain to your cpa offer !

Another idea is to download adult movies from torents and cut them into 3-4 parts watermark every part with your adult domain ex: momytube.net and uploud them to your adult sites!

The easyeast method is to find adult movies on xhamster download them (make sure they are not watermarked) and upload them to your own sites that you use like xvideos(don't forget to watermark them with your adult domain) or download from xvideos and upload to xhamster,there are many other sites like this!

You can use other adult sites where you can download and upload adult movies just pm my if you are intrested in taking action on this method and dont forget to sign up with my ref links!
I will support you the best i can!

Important! You can use free domains to redirect your traffic but i suggest you buy one because they are more trustworthy,the user will not like to see a domain like this 666milfcams.free
There are many sites where you can uploud your watermarked videos if you are intrested just pm my and i will send them to you!
Make as many videos as you can,more videos = more money and conversions
Test your cpa offers to see witch convert better!

Ok that is all people,i hope you liked the TUT,if you have any questions send my a pm or post it here!

Rep add if u think its usefull

Copy paste from another Forum

// why to do watermark them(with your domain)??



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