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Earn Cash with Video Playlists
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Earn Cash with Video Playlists

There are many way to earn cash from video. I am here to tell you about a new way you can earn cash from Video playlists.

Step 1. You will need (but not essential) a YouTube account, DailyMotion account, Vimeo account, Meta Cafe account and a Facebook account. 

Step 2. For this to work best you will need to create playlists on the above account to drive traffic. 

Step 3. You will also need an ads account with Adsense, Propellor Ads etc. It's not important which but this will help you earn extra cash.  

Step 4. Find 2-5 affiliate products in one niche that you can relate to your playlists.

Step 5. Go to VidTab and register an account. 

Step 6. Complete your details and Create a new list. Do not add any affiliate links on create new list, you add them in the next step, add new slides. 

Step 7. Add slides (or build your playlist) Now if you already have playlists on Youtube, Dailymotion, or MetaCafe you can simply grab the URLs of these and build your playlists.

You will first need to find related videos to your affiliate links. When you add a new slide it will give you the option of adding a link so put your affiliate link here and this will be shown under your list. Build your curated video list, use your keywords in description and tags and add your affiliate link to each new slide. 

Step 8. Link your other playlists and accounts to this new playlist with your affiliate links. Drive traffic to the list and share your list through VidTab which is already social media optimized. 

Step 9. Go to your ads section in your dashboard and ad your code which will run along side your list. If you do this correctly you can also have a related ad that runs next to your playlist. 

BOOM you earn cash from your affiliate links plus you get a share of the money earn't from your own choice of ads.  

Good Luck Cool

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Thanks for sharing this!


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