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Adtrafico - Affiliate Marketing Network. The Freshest Offers. Illegally-High Payouts
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[Image: 6xk5XQz.pngp]

Hey guys!

Let me introduce the leading one-stop affiliate network that will make you mint: Adtrafico. We are an innovative affiliate network connecting industry-leading advertisers with the best publishers in the biz.

Only the Freshest Offers. Illegally-High Payouts. Dedicated AMs. That’s what's up at Adtrafico.

Mutiple verticals
We work with the biggest advertisers in Dating, Sweepstakes, Mobile Billing, Utilities, Surveys, Bizopp and many more... Only the freshest offers, many of them exclusive to us. Our unique advertiser relationships bring you exclusive deals and custom landing pages.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager
Your AM will be on top of stuff, sending you fresh links, updates about your payments, even tips on campaign and page optimizaiton.

Weekly Payments
We pay like clockwork: every week via wire, Paxum, PayPal, ePayments, WebMoney. No delays, no holidays. Get your money fast and scale your campaigns!

If you're looking for a solid network to send your traffic to, join our army of publishers and start killing it.

Email: support@adtrafico.com

How it work?
Which products/niche to promote?
How to get paid?



(12-02-2016, 04:27 PM)juancarlos Wrote: How it work?
Which products/niche to promote?
How to get paid?



At the moment, we have the following verticals: 
mobile billing
binary options
finance and insurance verticals. 

We pay weekly without a hold period. Payouts go out every Wednesday (16:00-24:00 UTC+3) for sales generated during the previous week (Monday-Sunday). Our minimum payout threshold is $250.

[Image: OJtT0Xj.png]
  • S&P - Amazon $1000 WAP+WEB /US $2.45
  • S&P - iPhone 7 WAP+WEB /US $2.45
  • SweepstakesCentral Win iPhone 7 WAP+WEB /US $1.60
  • iPhone 7 WAP+WEB /DE €1,90
  • S&P - Amazon $1000 Winter Wonderland WAP+WEB /US $2.45
  • iPhone 7 WAP+WEB SOI /AT/DE/CH €1,85
  • S&P - XBox 1S Winter Wonderland WAP+WEB /US $2.45
  • Zalinco Win the new iPhone 7 WAP+WEB /AU $3.20
  • S&P - Monopoly $200 Theme WAP+WEB /US $2.45
  • iPhone 7 Plus WAP+WEB /IT €1,05

[Image: nNaSnaO.png]
  • WinterSwipe WAP+WEB SOI /US/CA/AU/NZ/ZA Payout: $2.80 EPC: $0.20
  • Cougarpourmoi WAP SOI /FR Payout: $3.00 EPC: $0.19
  • Hot-Sexdates WAP+WEB SOI /CZ Payout: €0.40 EPC: €0.16
  • FreeSnapMilfs WAP+WEB SOI /US/CA/AU/NZ/ZA Payout: $2.80 EPC: $0.17
  • C-date WAP SOI 30+ /AT Payout: €4.80 EPC: €0.26

Hey everybody can I get your attention please! 

Here come our top offers of the week. 

The number one offer, it's making America great again: 
[Image: p3ZKil7.jpg]
3516 [MOB+WEB] S&P - Samsung Galaxy S8 SOI /US $2.60 / $0.19 / 5.9%

Hot SOI offers want to meet near you tonight!

TOP Dating:
[MOB+WEB] Big Kiss SOI /FR €2.45 / $0.33 / 8.6%
[MOB] C-date SOI 30+ /DE €3.70 / $0.72 / 13.1%
[MOB] OneshotDate SOI /FR €1.20 / $0.20 / 11.2%
[MOB] Fremdgehen69 SOI /DE €1.70 / $0.07 / 3.2%
[MOB] OneNightFriend SOI /AU $3.60 / $0.62 / 6.7%

But seriously if you want to win a new iPhone, we've got sweeps for that. Or just run these great camps next week and then buy seven. It's good to have a backup plan.

[MOB+WEB] S&P - Samsung Galaxy S8 SOI /US $2.60 / $0.19 / 5.9%
[MOB+WEB] S&P - Apple Watch SOI /US $2.55 / $0.24 / 8.1%
[MOB+WEB] iPhone 7 /DE €2.10 / $0.46 / 15.9%
[MOB+WEB] Win an iPhone 7 SOI /AU $3.20 / $0.43 / 10.8%
[MOB+WEB] iPhone 7 DOI /AT/DE/CH €3.05 / $0.23 5.4%

WARNING! Your battery has been corrupted! Maybe one of our downloads will fix it? 

[MAC] DB - Flash Player/US $3.60 / $0.23 / 3.1%
[MAC] DB - Mac Scanner /US $3.60 / $0.16 / 2.8%
[WEB] Driver Updater /US/CA/UK/AU $40.00 / $2.60 / 1.7%
[MOB+WEB] Purifier Antivirus CC submit /Global €9.60 / $0.72 / 1.3%
[WIN] DB - Video Player $1.60 / $0.09 / 1.4%

If that doesn't work there's always mobile billing:

[MOB] Super Card Pin submit /GR [All carriers] €6.40 / $0.44 / 5.1%
[MOB] Win Samsung Galaxy S8 2 click /SK [All carriers] $6.00 / $0.05 / 1.4%
[MOB+WEB] Win iPhone 7 MO /UA [Kyivstar, MTS, Lifecell] $1.00 / $0.03 / 2.2%
[MOB+WEB] Supermarket MO /SI [All carriers] €3.20 / $0.19 / 3.7%
[MOB] Vistafun iPhone7 Red MO /PL [All carriers] €4.80 / $0.34 / 4.9%

01010111- oh wait. I mean you should also try our binary options:

[WEB] Czech-Method PPS /CZ $200.00 / $0.49 / 3.8%
[MOB+WEB] Quantum Code (English) PPS /Global $280 / $1.3 / 4.1%
[MOB+WEB] The Orion Code (English) PPS /Global $280 / $0.97 / 2.9%
[MOB+WEB] Lucrosa (English) PPS /Global $260.00 / $0.18 / 1.1%
[MOB+WEB] Millionaires Club (English) PPS /Global $280.00 / $1.9 / 1.3%

And much much more! We invite you to check out all we have to offer you at AdTrafico.com.

[Image: FLFMiHu.jpg]

Hey everybody! This week we've added a lot of Carrier Billing offers for you. Here's a quick preview of some of our new offers: 
  • [MOB+WEB] McSecure Antivirus 1 click /LU [Post, Tango, Orange], $7.60
  • [MOB] 18+Vid VideoWorld 1 click /RS [MTS, Telenor, Vip], $3.20 
  • [MOB] iPhone 7 Red 1 click /ZA [Vodacom, MTN, CellC], $4.00
  • [MOB+WEB] Spinner Games 1 click /IR [MTN], 0,48€
  • [MOB] Beautiful Girls 1 click /RU [MTS], $0.48 
  • [MOB] Beauty Girl Video 1 click /TH [Ais], $0.65
  • [MOB] Videos Calientes 1 click /MX [Telcel], $2.40 
  • [MOB] Bubble Shooter 1 click /ES [Vodafone], $4.00    
  • [MOB] Apps 2 click /DE [Telekom, Vodafone, E-Plus, O2], $14.40
  • [MOB] Games Club 1 click /IQ [Asiacell], $0.70
  • [MOB] MonoVid 2 click /IT [TIM], $4.00
  • [MOB] Chica 1 click /MX [Telcel], $2.40 
  • [MOB] xTubes 1 click /RS [MTS, Telenor, VIP], $2.40
Contact our support at Skype: eugenia.adtrafico and tanya.adtrafico or register to find our more.

Hi there, 
How it work? Which products/niche to promote? How to get paid?

[Image: iAZypHZ.png]

Hello, friends!

I’m happy to present our top Casual Dating offers of the week:
  • [MOB+WEB] Big Kiss SOI /FR  Payout: 2.45€, EPC: $0.19, CR: 6%
  • [MOB] C-date SOI 30+ /DE Payout: 3.70€, EPC: $0.14, CR: 2.54%
  • [WEB] FlirtNachrichten DOI /CH EXCLUSIVE Payout: 7.20€, EPC: $0.47, CR: 4.4%
  • [WEB] SecretMatureMarket DOI /UK EXCLUSIVE Payout: 3.80€, EPC: $0.22, CR: 4.3%
  • [MOB] ContactosAbuelas DOI /ES EXCLUSIVE Payout: 0.80€, EPC: $0.03, CR: 2.4%
Have questions? Want to see more categories/geos? Contact our managers in Skype tanya.adtrafico, kate.adtrafico and eugenia.adtrafico or register to get access to all of our great offers.

Hello, friends!

For those among you who love to promote sweepstakes/vouchers or want to get a start in this vertical, we are happy to present our best converting sweeps offers today. We already have more than 1K offers in this niche, with offers available for every GEO you can imagine. 

Contact our managers in Skype - tanya.adtrafico, kate.adtrafico and eugenia.adtrafico - and we’ll help you turn your traffic into revenue with the best offer suited to your needs.

[Image: MXnqQna.png]
In continuation of the conversation about Sweepstakes, we've added new offers incorporating various hot technology items. 
  • [MOB+WEB] Samsung Galaxy S8 SOI /AT, €1.20
  • [MOB+WEB] Galaxy Tab S3 /FR, $34.40 
  • [MOB+WEB] Samsung Galaxy S8 DOI /AT/DE/CH, €3.05  
  • [MOB+WEB] Zalinco Win Galaxy S8 /AU [All carriers], $3.60 
  • [MOB+WEB] iPhone 7 /BE/FR/GP/LU, $24.00 
This is just a small sample of our new offers, contact our AMs in Skype for more information.

We've further expanded our range of offers. Last week we've added something new and interesting, with exceptionally high rates for the mobile installs category. Soon we’ll reveal everything in detail, so check back often at this thread. 

If you don’t want to wait, sign up on Adtrafico.com or add our affiliate managers on Skype.

[Image: RMwlNxp.png]

Our new offers have landed! We just updated offers in category mobile installs and opened Rocket Cleaner for public access on many geos (50+ countries) with great rates. 
  • [MOB] Rocket Clean App Android /UK, $0.50 
  • [MOB] Rocket Clean App Android /US, $0.85 
  • [MOB] Rocket Clean App Android /JP, $0.75 
  • [MOB] Rocket Clean App Android /AE/ES/IT, $0.26 
  • [MOB] Rocket Clean App Android /DE/FR, $0.34 
Average index: CR - 3%, EPC - $0.005

Visit our site and fill out a quick registration to access all of our updated offers, or kindly message our AMs on Skype!

This week we suggest you try one of our Mobile Pin Submit offers. This one is showing good results with popunder traffic, its average CR reaches 20%:

[WEB] Win an iPhone Pin submit /EE [Elisa, Tele2, Telia], 2.50 €

Want to give it a try? Contact us on Skype - tanya.adtrafico, kate.adtrafico & eugenia.adtrafico, or sign up on our website.

(08-29-2017, 03:52 PM)Adtrafico Wrote: ..... This one is showing good results with popunder traffic, its average CR reaches 20% ...

Please show... good and REAL results.

By the way what means: Illegaly high payouts?


[Image: 2pmSOht.png]
Here's a top 5 ranking of our Mobile 1-click Flow/Pin Submit for this week:
  • [MOB+WEB] Win iPhone 7 MO /UA [Kyivstar, MTS, Lifecell] Payout: $1.00, EPC: $0.015, CR: 1.2%
  • [MOB] Super Card Pin submit /GR [All carriers]  Payout: 6.40€, EPC: $0.55, CR: 5.8%
  • [MOB] Country of Love 1 click /RU [Megafon] Payout: $0.55, EPC: $0.06, CR: 8.6%
  • [MOB] Win Samsung Galaxy S8 2 click /SK [All carriers] Payout: $6.00, EPC: $0.04, CR: 0.5%
  • [MOB] Media-Cloud 1 click /RU [Tele2] Payout: $0.33, EPC: $0.02, CR: 4.6%
We're happy to answer your questions in Skype, or you can join Adtrafico and enjoy access to all the benefits of partnership right away!

Do you want to give straight sale offers a try? Maybe you're already running them and looking for something new? We've just added some NEW straight sale Nutra offers for you to try. We've also got a list of time-tested straight sale offers that convert again and again. Here's a favourite: 

[MOB+WEB] Wild Raspberry Ketone with Daily Power Cleanse Upsell - Step 1 Trial /UK Payout: $31.00, EPC: $0.7, CR: 2%

Of course we have more offers for you to choose from covering just about every GEO. Message our friendly AMs on Skype to get the details!

[Image: a30dmsr.png]
This week we'd like to showcase some of our Nutra offers across different GEOs:
  • [MOB+WEB] Bellavei with Phyto Upsell - Step 1 PPS /IT Payout: $52.00, EPC: $1.2, CR: 2.3%
  • [MOB+WEB] Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 Day with 360 Night Upsell - Step 1 Trial /AU/NZ Payout: $41.00, EPC: $0.5, CR: 1.3%
  • [MOB+WEB] Bellavei with Phyto Upsell - Step 1 PPS /FR/BE/CH Payout: $43.20, EPC: $1.1, CR: 2.5%
  • [MOB+WEB] Wild Raspberry Ketone with Daily Power Cleanse Upsell - Step 1 Trial /UK Payout: $31.00, EPC: $0.7, CR: 2%
  • [MOB+WEB] Pure Cambogia Ultra with Pure Life Cleanse Upsell - Step 1 (German) PPS /AT/DE/CH Payout: $40.50, EPC: $0.6, CR: 1.7%
To see the full list of offers available simply register at adtrafico.com If you have any questions feel free to contact us on skype.

This week we invite you to try our fresh new offers in the Binary Options category - They’ve got incredibly high payouts in nearly every GEO. 

You can simply sign up and start running these offers at Adtrafico, or get more detailed information from our friendly account managers on Skype!

[Image: 9ADGofY.png]
Our Binary Options category is growing! We’ve added new money-making offers like Method, Daily Profit and Click Money System. These offers are available for a wide-range of geos. Flow - PPS. We’ll also be adding more new offers in the coming days: Get ready for Quantum Code and Bitcoin Code to capture the crypto hype.

You can instantly access these new offers by registering at Adtrafico, or feel free to message us in Skype.


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