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Guide to prevent spam bots in Google Analytics - Magebay.com
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Hello friends. I have received many messages from my friends asked about many strange traffic referrals in Google Analytics (GA) affect SEO results. Today, I will write an article to share details on how prevent.

Why am I called spambots?
According to my personal opinion, spambots in GA is an action does not benefit for its website accompanying the cluttering of indexes such as visit, traffic, referrals, ... leading to the status of "destructive" in the process of managing the situation.
Spambots are not created by humans, that through the code, software, ... or in some way to list your ID and used to constantly create the referrals to the website owner.

The purpose of the spambots?
I have learned and realize the spammer usually spam referrals in hopes the owner of website spam, will see the referrals came from. And the curious will access the website see content.
Demo: lifehacĸer.com
In recent times, the majority of my friends are having the status Google Analytics have referrals traffic from 2 websites:
  • lifehacĸer.com

  • reddit.com

If attention URL "lifehacĸer.com", you will see characters "ĸ" is not the letter "K". When visiting his website, you'll see the interface similar to a search engine. This website uses nature's core "ilovevitaly.com"

Website reddit.com more professional, that is spam traffic directly to the reddit.com then linking back lifehacĸer.com
Below is the link referrals from my website Reddit:

[Image: spam-traffic-reddit.jpg]

Copy the link above and add before it https://www.reddit.com/ How to block spam traffic from Reddit and lifehacĸer in Google Analytics?
After reading and following my instructions, you can block all sources of spam traffic is coming from sites you do not trust.
[Image: spam-traffic-1.jpg]
Access to Google Analytics account you manage, click Admin - > All Filter or Filter. If you want to apply to the whole of your website then you select All Filter, only want to apply for 1 website then select Filter
[Image: Guide-block-spambots-in-Google-Analytics...tively.jpg]
Next, you choose Add Filter
In the Filter Name enter the name you like, for example, Filter Spam, GA
The Filter Type you choose Custom, then select Exclude.
Filter Field you choose Referral
Filter Pattern you need website name block
[Image: Guide-block-spambots-in-Google-Analytics...vely-1.jpg]
Then click Save. So is success
>> Note: In the Filter Field has 2 case: . That is the " Referral" (block domain) " and " Campaign Referral Path" (block url).
If you build links or banner from the website that you trust, you can use " Campaign Referral Path ", otherwise trust select " Referral ".
Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and wish you success

Soure : https://www.magebay.com/forum/guide-to-p...analytics/


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