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10 ways to build backlinks old should not be doing in 2017
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As you know, backlinks are one of the most important factors to google rank our website. The junk backlink building is a violation of Google's search policy. Especially Google Penguin algorithm become original algorithms and real-time. There are many articles to share on how to create the effective backlink. But really it is effective in the long term? Or is the black hat SEO tricks?
[Image: types-of-backlinks.jpg]
In the last time, there is a lot you have asked me why keywords lag, not all the sites or the entire tag of 1 LandingPage? You should note, Google Penguin algorithm is not just fine the whole landing page that sometimes it penalized by keyword. In this article, I will list the ways build backlinks outdated and violate Google's guidelines that and you can stay away. 1. Purchase backlink manipulated PageRank
There are many who say "why my competitors buy backlink and still ranked higher"? Not always Google also can know. In case you see your competitors buy backlink, please report here.
2. Join the network of blogs, forums
This is also a way to build backlink quickly and effectively we are also frequently used. From 2013 to present, many Forum systems created aims to build backlink was a sandbox. Such as the network of MyBlogGuest Ann Smarty, he was very confident because a part has removed all traces. But not long after Ann's blog network Smarty has fined.
3. Build Widget backlink
September 2016, Google has warned the website using backlink Widget can be fine. We always thought a great website will not be punished? But surely you know Godaddy. They also each got himself.
[b]4. Backlink Site-wide[/b]
Backlink site-wide is usually placed in the sidebar or menu header (private blog network). Backlink from pages not relevant point about each other then Google will rank high. Google video has this issue warnings in 2012
[b]5. Unnatural Anchor text[/b]
Backlink building by hand was not considered to be natural. When creating the backlink we often do not allocate reasonable anchor text. It is also one of the factors that make your site receive the penalty of Google Penguin algorithm.
[b]6. Backlink from the website to other languages[/b]
The construction of the backlink from the website to other languages is too much nor good. For example, you have a French language site and that site receives many backlinks from blogs and forum for the English language, your website will not be Google appreciated.
[b]7. poor quality Backlink[/b]
To identify poor quality backlink or good is not easy. We evaluate backlink based on several factors. The backlink building easily proves its poor quality. For example the backlink from Forum profile, signature, the link from the website using the source wiki page. There are many people who use backlinks from the forum. Already a long time ago I do not use backlink from the forum. Let's build quality backlinks on the website have trust rank high ( check trust rank here ). To be safe you disavow backlink from the forum spam.
[b]8. Backlink from websites with poor content [/b]
Google always wants to bring the results to the user a quick, accurate and unique. Therefore, the website has poor or duplicate content will not be appreciated and backlink from those pages not really quality
[b]9. Backlink created automatically[/b]
The world has many tools create automatic backlink. There are many individuals building systems website, forum, web 2.0 and use certain tools such as GSA to automatically create thousands of backlink with costs cheap. According to my opinion, you should not use.
10 . Hidden backlink in CSS and JS
Some websites were hacked and inserted into the hidden backlinks. Today Google's algorithm has also developed and realized it. But unfortunately not any case Google is also found.
Sadly and unfortunately, if your website is hacked and insert backlink out. In this case, if Google warning will alerts in Webmaster Tools. Remaining undetected cases Google may reduce your rankings because of backlinks out a lot.
Source : https://www.magebay.com/forum/10-ways-bu...-not-2017/


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