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How to choose the best keywords for SEO campaigns
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You think what is the purpose of SEO ? the keyword is pushed up the first position of Google?, the answer is "NO". Effective sales, build brands and increase sales – which is the ultimate goal of SEO. Before achieving that goal, the first step we need to do is to research keywords, this is one of the important steps to your site get a high position in the SERPs. So how to choose the best keywords for an SEO campaign?[Image: Screenshot_4-1.png]
Search analytics.
Determine market segmentation will aim to: age, geography, profession, personality and disadvantages as well as advantages ... to select appropriate SEO keyword phrases . Research keywords and sort the keywords: difficulty keywords , level of competition, keywords target, relevant keywords in a scientific manner to facilitate the planning Content Marketing
Customers often long keyword searches such as: Magento multi-vendor extension, product designer online tool ... First, you should push the keywords with low competition level or average then implement a SEO plan for the keyword short, why do so? because usually the short keyword has a very high competitive level, it takes a long time to your website get high position on the SERPs.
The keyword research process.
Think and search for related keywords through Google suggest
Use the keyword research tools such as Google Adwords Tool, Google Trends, Google Insight Search, Google Search Box to research and classify keywords according to the level of. Selection of keywords and search for relevant keywords.
The keyword ideas
First: according to the trend and line featured events
The prestigious news page they often write articles according to lines events. When there is an event that featured they often have other articles related to the event line to engage the reader. We should also present the article content so to increase views on the Website. At the time of the bottom line, there are events we can write articles with keywords related to help website has a higher position on the rankings of google. For example: tsunami event in Japan, then the articles related to the keyword "Japan" needs to be exploited.
Second: SEO keyword hierarchical Thank you for reading the article, any questions please comment below. In later posts I will share with you the keyword research tool.
I wish you success!
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Thank for sharing!

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