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Protect AdSense Account from Invalid Clicks?
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Before you apply Adsense for your site, make sure you remove all advertising banners first. Is the content article unique? If yes, i can’t find any reason why Google reject your application honestly.

Hi Darren, Thanks – this is really a concise guide… Very comprehensive. I personally do not buy traffic, and reply on good organic search results for traffic. So, thankfully, no issues there! Thanks again.

If we disable your account due to invalid activity or any other violation of the AdSense Program Policies, you are not allowed to participate in AdSense or monetize through other products such as AdMob. If you feel that your account was sabotaged or otherwise improperly terminated, you may appeal for reinstatement through our online appeal form.

These days I think Google has changed its policy for Google AdSense, because I see higher authority and well developed sites are getting ban from Google AdSense, Meanwhile New sites having less copied content are getting Google AdSense approval. I don’t know- what’s the reality, but it is happening in real. You might ask following questions to others or you can observe following question asked by your colleagues or your friends to some expert or to those people who protected his/her Google AdSense account safely.
  • Why Google does ban my Google AdSense account?
  • Can I get Google AdSense approval again?
  • How can I rejoin the program?
  • Is it temporary?
  • I just got my PIN along with ban to my account?
Blah! Blah! Blah!
Note- If you are passionate blogger having passion only for writing then you should avoid all these changes. Just work for your passion and keep writing great content for your visitors. Keep away yourself from such kind of distractions.
Hope you read above note carefully, but I don’t think everyone is here a passionate blogger. Yes few may be, but they have also attachment with money and every day they practices different method to monetize their blog’s content.

Mistakes that lead you to lose your baby (Google AdSense)
  • You placed more than 3 Google AdSense ads in a single page.
  • You are promoting copied content after getting Adsense.
  • Blog post length is too short.
  • You placed many pop ups windows on your blog.
  • You adopted Wrong Method of SEO.
  • You have given many links to untrusted sites.
  • You are involved in link selling.
  • You placed only images with hyperlink in your blog post.
  • You placed your Google AdSense codes on non-deserving sites.
  • You are motivating (forcing) others to click on Ads.
  • You used non appealing web designs (themes or templates).
  • You are using your Google AdSense codes with iFrame.
  • Your blog is full of malware.
  • You create content for search engines.
  • You are involved in getting invalid clicks.
  • You are clicking on own ads.
  • You placed your ads on adult (porn) sites.
  • You’ve placed other Google AdSense alternative ads together.

Above are the few mistakes that seems you (we) are practicing for making more money with Google AdSense. But, these days another case is coming into existence as people are getting so many invalid clicks without practicing any fake way to generate more clicks on ads.

How Google tracks invalid clicks for Google AdSense?

In Engineering, There is a subject in 6th semester, named Optimization Techniques where we study optimizing things as per its nature and it is applied everywhere; Similar to that, Google also uses optimization techniques to track invalid clicks but its algorithm for recording invalid clicks is little bit different. Let’s see, How Google calculates Invalid clicks on Google AdSense? As usual I’ll explain with help of my favorite subject i.e., Mathematics.
Invalid Clicks => Number of clicks = Same number of visitors from same source
Invalid Clicks => Less number of visitor = More number of clicks
Invalid Clicks => Number of visitors from same source that clicks on ads. > Number of posts published on your site
In actual practice, Google passes any clicks through two full proof methods which determine that particular click is invalid or not. Those methods are as follows:
     i.  Proactive
     ii. Reactive
Further three processes constitute to make Proactive and Reactive methods to determine single click as invalid click, these are as follows:
a)   Filters
b)   Offline Analysis
c)    Investigations
In Proactive method, Google take use of online monitoring system before advertisers contact Google AdSense team against invalid clicks. Google does not charge any money from advertisers, if any advertisers claim particular click as invalid click by observing from AdWords account.
In Reactive method, Google check any invalid click through offline analysis and through other investigations. Offline investigations are also useful to improve online monitoring system to provide safety to advertisers in terms of money that Google charges for its advertising plan.

Tips to prevent Invalid Clicks on Google AdSense Activity

When you are recording, CPC $0.00 on 100+ clicks or you observe sudden and drastic changes in CTR then it is good signal of invalid clicks; You should assume that your Google AdSense account is going to disable so it is better to remove Google AdSense codes from your site for few days. Let’s discuss in details to protect your Google AdSense account.
#1Keep your Eyes on your visitor’s activity
What do you do when any stranger tries to play with your little baby?

Obviously, you protect your baby and keep away from stranger because they can harm your baby, even stole from you.
In the same manner, Google AdSense is like your baby so you must keep your eyes on visitor’s (stranger) activity. So you need to integrate your site with Google Analytics tools, it helps you to know more about your visitors then you can manage your Google AdSense campaign without any distraction.

#2Ads. Placement

On a single page, you are not allowed to use more than 3 Google AdSense codes so use only 3 ads on a single post or page.

#3Update your Privacy Policy Page

Privacy Policy tells about legal things on your site. It also tells what kind of information you record from visitors. For assistance, you can check our Privacy Policy page.
In your Privacy Policy page, don’t forget to mention privacy policy as well as terms and conditions of Google AdSense.

#4Tell Google about Invalid Clicks

In a day, open your Google AdSense twice or thrice and check for normal. If possible, take snapshot of all the data for future assistance. Google have separate section to report invalid clicks, Click here to open Google’s Invalid Click Form.

#5Use Plug-Ins to Protect your Google AdSense

If your site is running on WordPress then you can use Click Bombing plugin to protect your Google AdSense account. Let’s take a look on Click Bombing plugin. Click Bombing Plugin works when you record too much clicks on your Google AdSense ads than any normal clicks that leads to sudden increase on Page CTR. Click Here to download Click Bombing Plugin for your WordPress blog.

thanks for sharing I would like to add more like dont focus on just social traffic try to mix and match the traffic


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