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[GET] 21 Hidden Principles of Consumer Psychology for Winning New Customers
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Sales Page:

QUESTION: Why do some salespeople close deals like crazy, and others usually only get doors closed in their faces?

For example...

Salesman Joe routinely writes deals on homes worth over $3 million... while poor Bill bangs his head against the wall trying to sell $24 cell phones.

Lindsay wins awards for moving the most $380,000 Rolls Royce Phantoms during the slow summer months... while poor Buffy got fired because she couldn't persuade more business owners to try her $79 a month coffee-delivery service.

Fact is, these four salespeople have great personalities, firm handshakes and excellent prospecting and follow-up skills. They're dedicated... hard workers... and have families to support. But the difference in their performance is staggering. And it's reflected numerically in the last line of their respective bank statements.

Why do some salespeople earn big, fat, healthy commissions while others barely scrape by?

The "secret" is... psychology. Many of these high-earning "sales wizards" use consumer psychology. Powerful principles that influence people to buy.

And it doesn't matter what they sell--these principles work for every business. Plus, they're 100% legal, ethical, and powerful when used to promote quality products and services.

BrainScripts takes you on a fascinating tour inside your prospects' minds and teaches you 21 powerful techniques of consumer psychology that really work. Plus, dozens of real-life scripts show you exactly how to incorporate them into your own sales presentations.

No matter what you sell--or how you sell it--the tested and proven ideas in this practical, fast-reading book will teach you...

How to use the powerful emotion of fear to convince even the most stubborn prospects--Ethically motivate people to buy whatever you sell.

How to make prospects personally identify with your products--It's like taking an x-ray of their brains before you ask for their money.

How to borrow believability from others to enhance your own--Breaking sales records is easy when people believe what you say. Here's how.

How to tailor your sales pitch for your prospects' stages of awareness--Eric loves your product... Lindsay never heard of it! Here's how to sell them both, in the quickest, easiest way.

How to crush your competition... before they know what hit them--These devilishly effective pre-emptive strikes leave them scratching their heads.

How to change the way your prospects think about your product--You can actually shape how their brains calculate the value of your products. Result? Greater desire and more sales.

How to make your prospects demonstrate your product inside their heads before they spend a penny to buy it--Do this, and the sale is 75% closed.

How to use powerful speaking patterns that build a river of desire for any product or service--Amazingly effective way to talk that gets your prospects' buying juices flowing. If you didn't have their attention before, wait until you see how they respond now.

How to smoke the competition with the power of "extreme specificity"--Chances are, none of your competitors are using this wickedly effective tactic... and they'll hate you for it. (But you'll love how it affects your bank account.)

What common mistakes to avoid... at all costs--Commit these sales blunders and you may as well stay in bed. (How many are you making right now?)

What you should NEVER/ALWAYS do during any sales presentation--These tips will save you years of wasted effort.

Expert guides, tips and strategies--All based not on hypothesis, conjecture or wishful thinking, but on tested and proven methods of consumer psychology.

And much more.



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