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Top 10 FREE Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress
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1) Hidden Affiliate Links

This plugin works more like a link re-director or a keyword linker. It allows you to hide your affiliate links that you want to post on your wall. It also replaces the keywords with links.

2) Link Cloaking Plugin for WordPress

This plugin automatically cloaks outgoing links in your web pages and posts. It is specially designed for WordPress.

3) Affiliate Link Cloaking

Affiliate Link Cloaking can do little more then the usual plugins. Firstly it will hide your affiliate link from the visitors to keep your affiliate id safe, so that visitors might not access the product website directly after removing your affiliate id

Secondly it can cut short your link and make it into a short url. The visitor will still be redirected to your original link after clicking the shrinked url.

4) WP Link Cloaker

You can redirect your affiliate links using WP Link Cloaker. User will not be able to see it as affiliate links. It makes things pretty straight forward for you as you will not be required to code anything. You can simply set them in the admin panel and cloak as many links as you want.

5) Pretty Link Lite

This plugin can be used to shrink the link using your own domain. It also keeps track of every visit on the url and gives a report on where was the visit made from.

6) Simple URLs

This URL Management system will gives the freedom to create and manage the links from your site by using custom post types. A new custom post type us added to your Admin menu. This will allow you to create and delete the URLs. In the custom post , click count is also maintained in the form of a custom field.

7) Affiliate Link Cloaker

Affiliate Link Cloaker generates geo targetted cloaked affiliate links. These links can be placed into content manually or if a keyword/phrase is specified, links will be added into content automatically. This plugin relies on the Region Detect plugin to do the geo targetting.

8) WP Shorties

WP shorties comes with different features. Mainly it helps on shirking the URLs and shortening click tracking. Other features include Multi directional distribution, Tiny URL counts, Cloaked URLs sell.

9) Easy Affiliate

Easy Affiliate is an Auto-Affiliate Plug In, and the easiest and fastest to gain income out of your product review blog. The plug-in automatically turns all of your links into affiliate links to make you cash from over 3000 affiliate partners. You can use it on your WordPress blog or website.

10) 123 Linkit Affiliate Marketing Tool

This plugin swifts though the keywords on your blog and immediately converts them into affiliate links for related products. In addition it automatically shrinks the affiliate URLs with your domain as the root.

With all the mentioned tools you can make your journey of affiliate marketing much more effected and efficient with less time consumption. Make good use them and eradicate the potential of errors.

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