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awesome SEO Clerks affiliate widget FREE!
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1st of all, I wold like to thank all this awesome website stuff, it's really a great work [Image: wink.png]

Here I'm offering a new script it's "SEO Clerks affiliate widget"

Some Features:
- enhanced ad design
- rotate add when page refresh
- choose from 20 ads for every single add (this awesome feature automatically get 20 random ads and just display the highest feedback from those 20 gigs, it make your add always better)
- show and hide add animation
- popup & fixed box in the page
- show integrated ad elements (seller avatar, seller name, seller level, gig title, gig image, gig ratings & order button)
- easy to install

sure it's most welcome with your feedback ^^

You may now want to see demo, check here:

Now how to install it?
as I promise that it's easy to install, just put this code in your webpage(s) before closing head tag (before </head>)

var sclrkRefId = xxxxxx;
var script = document.createElement('script');
script.src = 'http://scriptestore.com/sclrkAPI/api.js';
don't forget to replace the xxxxxx in the code to your "Affiliate ID", get it from this page:
It should be something like: 21882

Try it don't hesitate, some of us here make thousands of dollars with the awesome SEO Clerks affiliate programs.


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