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[GET] METHOD for A Unique High Quality Content
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Hi There,

Well Here is my first Share Wink Hope it is something that can be useful.. It was for me Wink
I use this Method for getting High Quality Unique articles Wink
It will take you just a few minutes....

I Don't know if it was post it or anything, I Didn't see even after a little search... but any way it is here for you!

*** It Is Not My Method So I Can't Take Credit For It ***
i can only take credit for the guide :')

So, Lets get Started!

1. Go to:


Click on the Expired / Deleted Domains tab (Anything you want) and search for something the is related to your niche, site, etc...
For example if your sites are related to Shopping - search for Shoppingblog (Or something like that).

Sort the PR Rank to the highest and Select the desired URL. For our Examle it will be - as in the image.

[Image: 2en9nwl.jpg]

2. Now, Lets see if the site is Index / De-index. So, Go to Google site, Copy the URL From the expired search you've performed, and Paste it like this - termSadyourURL) EXAMPLE Click SEARCH...
Under the search page results you can see if it shown or now Wink

After you know if the selected URL is de-index enter way back machine Site.

3. Enter Way Back Machine Site


Paste again your URL and click the Take Me Back Button. (As in the image)

[Image: kcdfl.jpg]

4. You will redirect to the Archive Site... Marked dates are the crawled ones Wink So, If you see Rounded blue mark. CLICK IT! (As in the image)

[Image: 2cdz9qt.jpg]

5. Now you will see the ARTICLES and guess what !? It IS FREE!!! [Image: blush.gif]


Before you are Copy Paste it... You must perform another check to see that you are not the only one who did those steps... Smile
So, Go to Copy Scapte site HERE Paste the URL Article and Check it....

That's It !! Whitin a few minutes you are having your OWN Uniqe Article!!!

Hope it will help some of you... Was pleasure to share my first Guide / Get Post Smile
More will come...

If you liked it... If it helped you... REP Will be very appreciated [Image: love.gif]

Take Care !
[Image: cool.gif]

Wow... great info...

Won't this get you in copyright trouble with the original creator ?


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