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[GET] Your OWN US .EDU Blog Unlimited Posts Any Topic on US .EDU Domain-Full Control
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I think I did a pretty detailed job on the title explaining what this is lol! Anyways as some of you are aware I've been offering these to my mailing list for the last couple of months. This is a freebie I was giving away on the WarriorForum a couple of days ago, essentially users would opt-in to my list (this is my bait) in order to get this .PDF that walks you through step-by-step how to get your own blog on a US .EDU domain. For BHW I am sharing this only the good news is I'm straight sharing it, you don't need to opt-in to any lists (just don't be offended if it calls you a warrior lol, again its written for WF members to get them on my mailing list).

These are great tier 1 properties just like a PBN post, link directly to your money site with blog posts you write and publish on this site.

What you get in this .PDF:

Step-by-step instructions, with pictures, on how to create an account and then create a blog on a .EDU domain. Total signup to create your account/blog should be less than 2 minutes so not much work is involved at all. Its a very high authority domain so y'all should like that.

You can write and publish unlimited posts on any topic without moderation. These go live as soon as you post them and are publicly viewable/will get indexed by Google. It also has a WYSIWYG editor like WP so its easy to write and post a blog post with backlinks and have it look clean including anchor text backlinks and adding tags to your posts, its SEO friendly which is nice.

Also full control - this means essentially just that its not a shared blog. You get your own blog and only you can post to it. This allows you to keep it spam free which is nice and as rare as blogs on .EDU domains are having blogs that are just for you instead of a shared one (without being a student there) with 1000 viagra and payday loan links are even more rare.

Anyways enough of that, enjoy. I will only be able to share this for a day or two most likely as you all know if these get shared too much they get slammed hard and the admins close down new registrations. Which is to say if you're interested grab it now before I remove it [Image: wink.png]

Download the .PDF (again no optin required for my BHW home slices just grab it and go):
0/54 detected clean file!

Have a good night all!

thanks sir for your kindness, but your link is dead

(01-09-2016, 03:42 AM)ownmilk Wrote: thanks sir for your kindness, but your link is dead

new link


dont work it say:

Access Denied!
Quote:It appears you do not have access to this page. You may be detained for further questioning.
Please bear with us during this grueling process of rebuilding in the wake of Hubzilla's attack.
Please stay calm,

Works fine - thank you, very appreciated


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