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Make $xx,xxx per day promoting TechSupport on Google
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I am not sure if techsupport is allowed on this forum. If not, mods please delete this thread.

1. Create an adwords account.
2. Create a E commerce website and target cheap keywords, you can target keywords which old people search for, or keywords which have very low CPC but high volumes. Just browse few E commerce sites like Ebay, Amazon etc... which products have low CPC but high search volumes?
3. Keep running your ads at $100 a day budget.

Techsupport is a very aggressive niche, it converts even on untargeted sources like pop ads. If you optimize your ads, keywords and landing page and make them coherent, your CPC will drop and Quality Score will improve, in all you'll pay less for more clicks.

You ad account will go into review several times but after a week it will be ready for use.

4. Signup for a cloaker.
5. Create a techsupport BSOD landing page.
6. Cloak this landing page. Use E-com site as "safe page" and "BSOD LP" as "money page".
7. Now you should be getting many calls to your techsupport number.
8. Ramp up the budget and scale.

It will take weeks to master this art of cloaking. But after a while, you'll be swimming in pool full of tech-support cash.

That's how you run tech-support on Google in 2015 end. Nearly, all techsupport advertisers are literally begging for traffic. Google banned them, Bing banned them and now all ad networks banned them.

This guide requires money and skills to make it work. It's definitely not for newbies who can't afford to invest at least $1000-5000 before quitting.
It will require weeks of practice to successfully execute it.

Sample BSOD LP:
https://www.sendspace.com/file/gjrbxh ,
VT Scan:

*Use it at your own risk. Check JS code carefully and do not forget to change phone number on landing page, otherwise calls will be sent to the owner of this page [Image: smile.png]

Hi Ralph,

This is very useful information. Is this a strategy that you've used yourself?

(12-08-2015, 01:27 AM)lorry Wrote: Hi Ralph,

This is very useful information. Is this a strategy that you've used yourself?

Thank you for your honest feedback. If you've any specific question, please let me know.

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sorry, what does 'cloaker' mean? could you give me a couple examples?


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