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High CPC Google Adsense URL Shortener
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Alternative Safelink Adsense (Google Adsense Url Shortener): _bocelin.com: o
What was BOCELIN.COM ?
Quote: Wrote:Bocelin.com is a website url shortener service that is free to use, a url shortener like safelinkconverter.com, a d f .l y links were NOT allowed here!!!, shorte.st, >>>[[[Reported by Members as Ad Fly Related Site]]]<<<, linkshrink.net and so on, just by using the service of Bocelin.com - GoogleAdsense Url shortener, you will make money directly from adsense and you will use your own ca-pub-you xxxxxxxxxxx each of which examples such as ca-pub-12345678910 need to be included at the time of registering.
[Image: yxjBTyE.jpg]

Here are some of the features of Bocelin.com and of course there are additional features that I do not include:
-Using Ca-Pub-Id (Ca-Pub-xxxxxxxxx) your own Adsense As Safelinconverter.com. So every payment of ad will go directly to your Adsense account [Should be NON Hosted AdSense] Wink
-This Safelink Using your own Adsense Account Wink
-100% Safe (If it doesn't safe, I also do not want to use).
-Using English article, and every time you open or refresh it will change article randomly.
-CPC / RPM / CTR Bigger As in the screenshot. Wink
[Image: 7Xacbpv.jpg]

[Image: Z004xFz.png]

-There will be 3 ads, 2 Ad yours and 1 Ad mine as the owner of this service.
[Image: cix1cKZ.jpg]

~ Example Url already in shorten: __bocelin.com/i/mn8Ze
DEMO: _bocelin.com/i/Admin

* You may Sign Up Soon at _bocelin.com/user-baru
~ The system SAME AS SAFELINKCONVERTER (Using Adsense Account)
[Note] For those who have already registered, please PM, so I approve
Such services are also primarily used by Apkgalaxy.com Bagas31.com Oploverz.net Animeindo.tv Cinemaindo.tv Wardhanime.net
Thank You.

Careful because if a large volume of users don't click your ad then you might get penalized with a lower CPC.


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